2016 PSF Scholarship Recipients

The awards come from contributions made by Pewaukee area citizens, businesses, community groups and memorial donations. 

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Sara Acosta Villareal, daughter of Antonio and Silvia Acosta, is the recipient of the Marty Van Hulle Award.  Sara plans to attend UW-Madison to study Genetics. 

Madeline Arzbecker, the daughter of Joseph and Ruth Arzbecker, is the recipient of the Joseph Ryan Memorial Scholarship.  She will be attending Marquette University next fall and majoring in Biomedical Sciences. 

Brittany Burke, daughter of Douglas and Angela Burke, is the recipient of a Pewaukee School District Admnistrators’ Scholarship. Brittany plans to attend UW-Eau Claire to major in Elementary Education. 

Shaun Campbell, son of Mike Campbell and Betsy Foss-Campbell, is the recipient of a Pewaukee Scholarship Fund Award. Shaun will be studying Actuarial Science at UW-Madison. 

Madeline Collins, the daughter of William and Rene Collins, is the recipient of a Pewaukee Scholarship Fund Award. She will be majoring in Communications at UW-Madison. 

Abigail Debelack, daughter of Eric and Lisa Debelack, is the recipient of a Pewaukee Scholarship Fund Award.  She plans to study Accounting at Concordia University. 

Bennett Eldredge, the son of Joe and Kim Eldredge, has been awarded a Donald Koepp N. Memorial Scholarship. He will be majoring in Real Estate and Finance at UW-Madison. 

Joseph Fernandez, son of Ralph and Laurie Fernandez, is the recipient of a Pewaukee Scholarship Fund Award. Joseph plans to study Engineering Mechanics at UW-Madison. 

Sara Fox, the daughter of Andy and Tracey Fox, is the recipient of a Pewaukee Scholarship Fund Award. Sara will be attending UW-Madison to pursue legal studies.  

Madison Giordano, daughter of Sam Giordano, has been awarded a Pewaukee Board of Education Scholarship. She plans to major in Business Management at UW-La Crosse. 

Anthony Grotjan, son of John and Barbara Grotjan, is the recipient of the Fraland and Eileen Campbell Scholarship. Anthony will be attending the Milwaukee School of Engineering to study Mechanical Engineering. 

Gabriel Hall, the son of Melissa Murray, has been awarded the Dorothy M. Brouwer Memorial Scholarship. He plans to study Business at UW-Madison. 

Haley Henke, the daughter of Julie Chapman, is the recipient of a WaterStone Bank Scholarship. Haley will be studying Kinesiology at UW-Milwaukee. 

Jackson Hoang, son of Anthony and Kylie Hoang, is the recipient of a Pewaukee Scholarship Fund Award. He plans to attend Southern Illinois University to major in Biology. 

Evan Hoffins, the son of Steve and Ilka Hoffins, has been awarded a Pewaukee Kiwanis Club Scholarship. Evan will be majoring in Biology/Premed at UW-Madison.  

Kayla Holzhauer, daughter of Richard Holzhauer and Suzanne O'Connell, is the recipient of the Allen Anderson Memorial Scholarship. She will be attending the University of Minnesota Twin Cities School of Design and will be majoring in Architecture. 

Griffin Jende, the son of Steve and Carrie Jende, has been awarded a Donald Koepp N. Memorial Scholarship. He plans to study Business Administration at Marquette University. 

Ashton Keene, son of Jim and Jodi Keene, is the recipient of a Pewaukee Scholarship Fund Award. Ashton will be majoring in Biology at UW-Oshkosh. 

Kendra Koepp, the daughter of Bob and Jan Koepp, has been awarded an American Legion Scholarship. She plans to attend UW-Oshkosh to study Early Childhood - Middle General Education with Early Childhood Special Education. 

Devon Mayo, son of Michele Mayo, is the recipient of a Pewaukee Scholarship Fund Award. Devon will be studying Architectural Engineering at Milwaukee School of Engineering. 

Adrianna Mendoza, daughter of Virginia Mendoza, has been awarded the Pewaukee High School Alumni Association Scholarship. She will be in the Physical Therapy program at Carroll University. 

Hannah Michaelson, the daughter of Don and Charity Michaelson, has been awarded the Roberta Opie-Grimm Memorial Scholarship. Hannah plans to major in Nursing at UW-Oshkosh. 

Allison Mitchell, daughter of Sandra Mitchell, is the recipient of a Pewaukee Kiwanis Club Scholarship. Allison will be majoring in Biology at UW-Madison. 

Emily Monday, the daughter of Tim and Mary Monday, has been awarded the Pewaukee Junior Guild Scholarship.  She will be attending the University of Minnesota next year and will be obtaining a Communications degree.  

Gabriel O’Neal, son of Scott and Tammy O'Neal, is the recipient of a Pewaukee School District Admnistrators’ Scholarship. He plans to attend Cedarville University in Ohio to study Mechanical Engineering. 

Ross Pelzel, the son of  Jeffrey and Patricia Pelzel, has been awarded a WaterStone Bank Scholarship. Ross will be majoring in Neuroscience at Case Western University in Ohio. 

Katharine Previte, daughter of Mike and Laura Previte, is the recipient of the FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) Scholarship.  She plans to pursue a major in Legal Studies at UW-Madison. 

Nicholas Roberts, the son of Russell and Karen Roberts, has been awarded a Pewaukee Board of Education Scholarship.  He plans to study Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science at UW-Madison. 

Sara Sandlass, the daughter of Amy Sandlass, is the recipient of the Margaret Schallitz Memorial Scholarship.  Sara will attend University of Minnesota-Twin Cities to study Biochemistry. 

Olivia Schaefer, daughter of Robert and Cheri Schaefer, is the recipient of the Pewaukee Class of 1966 Scholarship. She will attend UW-Madison to major in Education. 

Jayden Schmitz, the son of James and Jody Schmitz, has been awarded the William Kaatz Memorial Scholarship. Jayden will be studying Aquatic Resources and Conservation at UW-Stevens Point. 

Kierra Schwab, daughter of Kelly Berriman, is the recipient of the Gene Frett Visual Arts Scholarship.  Kierra will be attending the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design to pursue a degree in Illustration and a minor in Art History. 

Jackson Sewell, the son of Kathy Sewell-Jensen and Steve Jensen, is the recipient of a Pewaukee Scholarship Fund Award. He will be attending UW-Madison and majoring in Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics. 

Hannah Snyder, daughter of Tim and Patty Snyder, has been awarded a Pewaukee School District Admnistrators’ Scholarship. Hannah plans to major in Early Childhood Special Education at Wisconsin Lutheran College. 

Emma Tollenaar, the daughter of Bryan and Katrina Tollenaar, has been awarded a Pewaukee Kiwanis Club Scholarship.  She will be attending Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee and will be studying Biochemistry and Pre-Med with the goal of becoming a doctor. 

Daniel Trotier, the son of Tim and Anna Trotier, is the recipient of the Bruce M. Guckenberger Memorial Scholarship. Daniel plans to study Biomedical Engineering at Northwestern University. 

Mai Vo, the daughter of Duong Duong and Tam Vo, has been awarded the Hans Wienss Memorial Scholarship. Mai will be majoring in Athletic Training at Brigham Young University. 

Robert Wagner, son of Christopher and Mary Wagner, is the recipient of a Pewaukee Scholarship Fund Award. He will be studying Mechanical Engineering at Iowa State University.  

Abigail Wannow, daughter of Thomas and Julie Wannow, has been awarded a Pewaukee High School Alumni Association Scholarship. She plans to attend UW-Madison to study Biological Sciences with the goal of becoming a Physician Assistant.  

Austin Witthun, the son of Dennis and Michelle Witthun, is the recipient of an American Legion Scholarship. Austin will be studying Aeronautical Science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona. 

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