Mission Statement

The Pewaukee Scholarship Fund is dedicated to generating, managing, and awarding scholarship funds to deserving graduating seniors of Pewaukee High School. 

  • Generates money to fund meaningful awards to as many graduates as possible.
  • Manage existing portfolio in a manner that maximizes earnings without putting principal at risk.
  • Distribute funds to deserving graduates via a collective evaluation by the Board of Directors of submitted applications. 
Since its inception, the PSF has awarded
over $1 million in scholarships.

Board of Directors


  • Barb Danner, President
  • Julia Shay, Secretary
  • Ron Vermillion, Treasurer


  • Paul Bursi
  • Duong Duong
  • Bonnie Gluth, American Legion Liaison
  • Miranda Kozlik 
  • Karen Krumenacher
  • Ari Mahdavi
  • Karen Mendez
  • Lata Naida
  • Tom Opie
  • Anna Trotier
  • Wayne Vaughn
  • John Vitale
  • Ann Wright
  • Dave Young
  • Beth Young Eagle