Steps & Instructions for Requesting Scholarship Funds:

For all scholarships: After you receive your first tuition bill, email your request to Mr. Ron Vermillion at: In the subject line, please type "SCHOLARSHIP REQUEST". 


  1. Your name and your college/university student ID. (Please do not send your social security number or your high school ID.) 
  2. The address of the financial aid office of your school at the time you recieve your first tuition bill. You must indicate whether or not your college/university requires the check to be made out to the school or to you. This information will help the payment process faster. Your scholarship is a direct payment to the school.

In most cases, you will be called to the Financial Aid/Bursar's office to endorse the check. This is our safeguard that the money is going to the right student at the right school.

If your school requests information regarding any scholarships you may be receiving, tell them you will be receiving money from the "Pewaukee Scholarship Fund".

If you know that you will not be attending school for any reason, please notify the "Pewaukee Scholarship Fund, Inc." as a courtesy to the Pewaukee Scholarship Fund at:

You must request your scholarship funds each semester. Failure to do so will result in a loss of that portion of the scholarship.

 The deadline for 1st Semester is October 1, and the deadline for 2nd Semester is February 1.